Elon Musk uses Tesla’s earnings call to brag about how popular he is on Twitter

Elon Musk uses Tesla’s earnings call to brag about how popular he is on Twitter

Elon Musk uses Tesla’s earnings call to brag about how popular he is on Twitter

Elon Musk in 2020

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  • Elon Musk responded to a question about Tesla’s earnings call by saying how popular he is online.

  • He talked about his 127 million followers on Twitter and said his account might have the most interaction on social networking sites.

  • Tesla reported strong fourth-quarter earnings that beat analysts’ expectations.

Elon Musk is all over Twitter these days — even when he’s on Tesla’s quarterly earnings call.

On a call Wednesday with investors in his car company, Musk talked about how popular he is on his newly acquired social network. The comments came in response to an investor question about what Tesla is doing to mitigate the brand damage resulting from Musk’s current political commentary on Twitter.

Polls have shown that Tesla’s favorability is declining among Democrats, suggesting that Musk’s public embrace of the right is alienating left-leaning customers.

“Let me check my Twitter account. Okay, I have 127 million followers and it’s still growing very quickly,” Musk said. “That suggests I’m pretty popular. Now, I may not be popular with some people, but for the vast majority of people, my follower count speaks for itself.”

“I’m the most interactive social media account, I think maybe in the world, certainly on Twitter,” the billionaire added.

Musk’s increasingly erratic presence on Twitter – where he is posted conservative memes, hit Anthony Fauciand sounded the alarm — prompting some longtime Tesla owners to abandon the brand.

Musk, who now heads Twitter, Tesla and several other ventures, praised Twitter’s potential to increase sales and encouraged more companies to use the platform. Musk’s chaotic acquisition of the site, which closed in October, has seen a slew of high-profile advertisers pull spending.

“I think Twitter is actually an incredibly powerful tool to drive demand for Tesla. And I would really encourage companies of all kinds, automotive or otherwise, to make more use of Twitter and use their Twitter accounts in ways that are interesting and informative, entertaining,” Musk said.

Sure, Musk also talked about Tesla’s finances. The company reported revenue of $24.32 billion in the final three months of 2022, beating Wall Street expectations. Adjusted earnings per share of $1.19 also beat analysts’ estimates.

Tesla shares jumped about 5.4% in late trading after the results.

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