The Halo Power Bank is sold on QVC

The Halo Power Bank is sold on QVC

The Halo Power Bank is sold on QVC

Power banks are a bit like energy drinks for your electronics. With the Super Bowl just around the corner, you might be getting ready to tailgate and need to make sure you have enough juice to keep your phone running. Or maybe you have a road trip planned and want a way to entertain your kids without letting them dominate the car charger. That’s where the brilliant Halo Pro 100 Power Bank comes in. Right now, it’s on sale for just $100 — $75 off its retail price.

If that’s a bit too much to handle right now, you might as well deal with it FlexPay for five easy payments of $20. Plus, if you’re a first-time QVC shopper, you can get free shipping with a code FREE SHIPPING.

Let’s put this handy little device into perspective. It can keep an iPad Pro running for 20 hours straight (on top of the iPad’s existing charge) or it can power an iPhone 12 for 96 hours. A Nintendo Switch? Easy: 21 hours of play on a single charge. Considering the Switch only has about 2.5 hours of charge to boot, that’s a little over eight total recharges.

It can even run a 32-inch TV for just over two hours. Can you say wow? With 45W of power and a built-in emergency light, this is a multi-purpose tool that’s perfect for keeping in the car for late night tire changes or just in a home emergency bag.

“Halo has a great reputation. This is exactly what I needed to be prepared for frequent power outages. I have three huge home power banks. I wanted something to dedicate to phones, tablets and a radio. Wireless charging works fast! There are a variety of ports for many devices. The light is very bright. It’s easy to recharge. Halo did a great job on this power bank!” said one happy customer.

light blue Halo Power Bank

The Halo Power Bank will keep your devices charged all day long. (Photo: QVC)

“The Halo power station is a must for your home and all trips. The Halo has a USB charging port, a mobile phone charging port and even a 110 connection port. It has a powerful emergency light that can flash white, red or red flashing,” said another customer.

Weighing just under two kilograms, this power bank is light and portable. It fits easily into a backpack and includes a standard AC outlet, as well as a USB-A and USB-C outlet. Choose between four colors: light blue, white, black and gray. Happy charging!

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